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Who are we ?

Why ephemerides ?

This Greek word means journal or diary. In astronomy, ephemerides indicate at a given time the position in the sky of celestial objects such as planets and satellites.

With time and increasingly efficient methods of computation and observation, these ephemerides have become very precise.

And ephemerides for a human being? Our destiny is not fixed like the astronomical ephemerides and as Paulo Coelho so well said :

"When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

We believe that by coming to you we will transport you in this infinite space to give you the tools to build your dream and make it happen.

For who ?

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The observation can be done in a park as in an observatory.
Handicraft workshop
Learning through the manufacture of astronomical materials.
Discovery tours
Discovering Science and its Achievements.
Theoretical workshops
Learning through an exchange with a scientist throughout the workshop.
Women & Sciences
Claudie Program

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